Awakened Beyond A New Earth

I picked up the tag line of “Awakened Beyond A New Earth” on May 14, 2008. It came to me during my last meeting with fellow Oprah fans who had joined together to participate in Oprah’s revolutionary web cast series of Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. All of us had met for the first time through one of several Albuquerque Oprah Book Club reading groups I had set up to complement the Tolle web casts. Several wanted to stay connected beyond the web cast series to continue our spiritual awakenings so I opened a new Meetup group titled “Awakened – Beyond A New Earth”. We agreed it was probably the best way to keep our gatherings organized and encourage others to get involved with our activities in support of Eckhart Tolle’s work and other works by authors and experts Oprah recommends in this realm.

October 30, 2014 Update ~ This Meetup Group has been closed for several years now. Happily many of the members became lifelong friends and sadly some passed away, after losing long battles with some form of cancer. To this day, I feel those who left this life and were a part of mine during “Awakened Beyond A New Earth” are angels watching over my efforts to manifest a new reality that inspires others to make a difference in this world by their presence, talents, and gifts from God.  ~ Namaste

Social Edge

In my efforts to help a small community set up their organization, this morning I Googled “how to create value proposition for your organization”. I clicked on No. 2 in the results line up, Exercise 1: Value Proposition — Social Edge and ended up spending at least 30 minutes (my morning “wakeup time”) browsing Social Edge, an online community for social entrepreneurs and others focused on the social benefit sector to network, learn, inspire and share resources. In reading all about it, I was led to the home page of its sponsor, the Skoll Foundation, a philanthropic venture started by Jeff Skoll in 1999. 

Before I knew it an hour had passed. The adventure had brought back a lot of memories of the dot com boom, Web 1.0 and the limitations we had to overcome in building online community. Reflecting on the history leaves me amazed and more importantly, excited! We’ve made it through the dot com bust and Web 2.0. Now here we are at  Web 3.0, the time all of us early adapters from 1990-1994 spoke of when we shared our visions for the future.  At this point, it appears that the Twitter microblogging service is turning out to be the golden key.