Fifth Anniversary – Remembering Tony Dyson

Earlier today I was reminded from a Facebook notification that today is the fifth anniversary of Professor Tony Dyson’s passing. Having met him through my adventures in the virtual world of Second Life back in 2010, I got to know the playfulness behind the brilliant mind that created R2D2, the famous Star Wars droid.  I was honored by his friendship. He helped me laugh my way through a lot of trying days during my recovery from colorectal cancer. Knowing we were friends on Facebook and Twitter, I signed into Twitter today to see if his account had been memorialized or archived.  The first reference to him that came up was this announcement from the BBC of his passing in 2016:

Professor Tony Dyson, who built the original @starwars R2-D2 droid, dies aged 68

I have been in a bit of a funk since.

Using Flickr for Cloud Storage

Sunday, May 31, 2015 ~ I’ve had my Flickr Pro account for years. When Flickr introduced 1 terabyte free accounts, premium Flickr Pro accounts once offered to professional photographers ended. However those of us who kept our Pro accounts by continuing to pay the $25 annual premium, were given unlimited storage limits, ad-free pages and viewing, as well as page stats. This morning I was in my Flickr account feeling overwhelmed as I browsed through the photos automatically uploaded from my phone so I decided to research options for better ways to organize my files. It turns out that on May 7, 2015 Flickr added some new file organization help and upload features with its web Uploadr and Camera Roll and mobile device Auto-Uploadr tools. One of the most exciting findings is that Flickr will take care of the file duplications through the automatic de-duplication feature in the tools.