My primary reason for creating this blog site in 2009 was to complement my presence on BarbTUSA on Twitter and Facebook, where BarbTUSA is my user ID. I made a point to “stake my claim” on Facebook in 2008, but frankly, I wasn’t interested in doing anything more because I was convinced the Facebook style of social networking would only add more “noise” to my life. And, more noise was not something I aspired to attract.

My viewpoint has since changed. I have managed several pages and groups on Facebook for over 10 years now. This blog site covers my adventures online since 2009. I also encourage you to browse the other documents in my About section as they affect the terms of use of the content you find here. Thank you for stopping by my blog site and for your interest in why I’m here.

By the way, if you need to reach me quickly, email sent through my About.Me page goes directly to my Smart Phone (Verizon).