Magic Maker

For over 40 years I’ve been dubbed by many close to me as the “magic maker”.  I didn’t take the moniker to heart until I battled colon cancer. For five years, I faced the word “impossible” so many times I grew numb to the word “magic”.  I had been told it would be almost “impossible” to get the cancer tumor out of me, that it was a “deadly” proposition. Faced with the knowledge that leaving the tumor inside would be terminal, the operation was easy. I was convinced the tumor could be removed without killing me or keeping me from fulfilling my life mission. I was right. I was warned life would never be the same for me again. Little did the doctors know that revelation was a good thing.  


This “before” and “after” snapshot should give you an idea of how I came to that conclusion. In spite of my front torso being ripped apart three times, the change looks a lot better on me. I got rid of the excess weight brought on by the cancer.