Magic Maker

For over 40 years I’ve been dubbed by many close to me as the “magic maker”.  I didn’t take the moniker to heart until I battled colon cancer. For five years, I faced the word “impossible” so many times I grew numb to the word “magic”.  I had been told it would be almost “impossible” to get the cancer tumor out of me, that it was a “deadly” proposition. Faced with the knowledge that leaving the tumor inside would be terminal, the operation was easy. I was convinced the tumor could be removed without killing me or keeping me from fulfilling my life mission. I was right. I was warned life would never be the same for me again. Little did the doctors know that revelation was a good thing.

This “before” and “after” snapshot should give you an idea of how I came to that conclusion. In spite of my front torso being ripped apart three times, the change looks a lot better on me. I got rid of the excess weight brought on by colon cancer.

Fast-forward to 2022; I’m grateful to still be here and those who know me well say I’m still making magic!

For those not familiar with the magic maker reference, here’s a definition generated by Chat-GPT on December 30, 2022:

A “magic maker” is a person who is able to create and bring about positive, unexpected, and seemingly magical outcomes or experiences. This could involve creating new and innovative solutions to problems, coming up with creative ideas and approaches, or finding ways to make things happen that others might consider impossible.

A magic maker might work in any field or industry and could be a leader, manager, or individual contributor. They are typically highly creative and resourceful and are able to think outside of the box and come up with original and unexpected solutions. They may also be skilled at bringing people together and building consensus around their ideas and are able to inspire and motivate others to take action.

In general, a magic maker is someone who is able to create positive and transformative experiences or outcomes, and who brings a sense of wonder and possibility to the things they do.