Saving YouTube Videos

  • KeepVid~ This is the one I used because it didn’t serve me a bunch of pop-ups and offered me several file format options for downloading. I prefer the MP4 file format, which happens to be the format I save my own work in before uploading it. All you have to do at KeepVid is enter the URL address for the YouTube video you want into the form on KeepVid’s home page. Their application will validate that the YouTube video is downloadable and render URL options to click on for the various file formats. I noticed that there was a minimal amount of pixelation if you chose to download a file in a higher-quality format than it was produced in.  However if you are a techy, you can most likely open the file up in your video editing software and re-save it to remove the pixelation. [singlepic id=77 w=320 h=240 float=center]
  • Other download sites you might try include: VideoSpider, Youtubex, and Videodownloader.
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