Art Aloft

Using three pieces of music written and recorded by Jim Jenkins, I created this video of a hot air balloon ride I arranged in 2010 for a couple of friends in Central Oregon. The balloon ride was provided by Big Sky Balloon Ride Co., owned and operated by Darren Kling, a commercial balloon pilot and fine artist. He  also serves as balloonmeister for Balloons Over Bend, an annual ballooning event held in Bend, Oregon.

Cuts in this video include:

(1) Remembering (Album: Because I Love You So)
(2) Dream Song (Album: Morning Mist)
(3) Sweet Memories (Album: Because I Love You So)

You can download Jim’s “Because I Love You So” album from iTunes and CDBaby. His “Morning Mist” album is currently in post-production. To reserve your copy, please contact the artist via

Label: The Lotus Co.
Genre: New Age/Meditation
Distribution Source: Direct from Artist
Tags: hot air balloon ride, Central Oregon, Redmond Oregon, Art Aloft, Darren Kling, balloon pilot, balloonmeister, ballooning, Teri Applegarth, Sisters Oregon, Jim Jenkins music, stress relief, new age, meditation