Linked In

Until the live video opportunity was launched on LinkedIn in 2018, I rarely visited the website, albeit I did join a few groups there over time. Over the Spring and Summer of 2022 my goal is to build up my presence on LinkedIn, all because of the new opportunities availed by our ability to stream LIVE there.  To visit the page listing the groups you belong to on LinkedIn, click on this link to My Groups.
I  am currently a member of the following LinkedIn groups:

  1. Marketing I CMO I Social Media I Education I Digital
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Writing on LinkedIn
  4. Arts Marketing Network
  5. Crowdfunding & Fintech News and Opinion
  6. Lead Smart: Expert Advice & Tips for Small Business Owners
    (Fast Company)
  7. Albuquerque Business First
  8. Go-Giver Success Alliance – Members Only
  9. Virtual World Professional Networkers
  10. Online Video Marketing
  11. Hot-Air Ballooning
  12. Real Estate Crowdfunding Education Forum
  13. Livestreaming for Business Growth
  14. Arts & Attractions: Destination Marketing