Art Legacy

When my mother passed away in 2012 I was left with some art she had collected over the years. Shortly thereafter a close friend shared her dilemma in disposing of some valuable 20th-century art she owned so I decided to acquire the ArtLegacy.US domain to support our sales efforts. It’s 2017 and I find I am able to set aside some time and attention to the disposal of our vintage art collections. If this topic should interest you, please check out my Art Legacy board on
When my mother passed, I inherited this museum-quality original oil painting on 32″ x 24″ stretched canvas by renowned 1950s Cowboy Artist Jake (Ralph E.) Haverstick (1898-1962). The painting is titled “Chip Pickers”.  Haverstick painted southwestern landscapes and scenes from the enchanting cowboy life around New Mexico for over 20 years.  The oil painting is mounted in 4-1/4″ wide hand-carved patina aged gold leaf frame designed and created by Fay Jameson Haverstick, the artist’s wife.
Mentored by famous Taos artist William Herbert Buck Dunton, Haverstick and his wife spent most of their lives as professional artists working from their home studio at 1824 Lakeview Avenue SW in the South Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Searching for Jake Haverstick art on the Internet will reveal several paintings by the artist currently for sale for prices ranging from $1,500 to over $12,000. This painting would look stellar in a business or home, for instance, a barbecue restaurant, western lounge, ranch home, or southwest hacienda.
Please tweet directly to @BarbTUSA or contact Barbara Tomlin via email through her page if you are interested in purchasing this painting.