I am currently concentrating on the convergence of digital art media with traditional art media, taking the result beyond the scope of what is considered reality today. From 2009 through 2012 I helped over 300 artists establish and become comfortable with their presence online. When I was not helping them or the art gallery representing many of them, I focused on honing my digital art creation skills. Using digital watercolor and acrylic painting techniques, I printed finished pieces on fine art paper and canvas. I adapted many of the designs for printing on specialty products such as mugs and apparel. I also sold digital copies of my works in the virtual world of Second Life. It was through that experience, I learned to create digital fashion, avatars, avatar accessories, home furnishings, buildings, and landscaping materials. Through my avatar Jewle Rae, I sold and continue to sell my digital creations through outlets in that virtual world. It was through my Second Life adventures that I discovered machinima production. Here’s my first machinima project, produced in August 2010.