Since discovering the magic of live-stream video conversation in August 2015, I’ve been taking courses and participating in beta programs with the intent of becoming an effective experiential storyteller. Naturally, given my background and artistic passions, my focus is on the art of digital storytelling and producing video series for live and on-demand broadcasts. I am sharing what I learn in the art of storytelling in producing video series for entertainment and education through online communities I manage and courses I’m developing for distribution online.

I have acquired a few .live and .tv domains for my digital storytelling projects and as a producer am slowly working on establishing a public persona as Barbi LIVE. This snapshot from one of my early online storytelling adventures is one of my favorites. Each time I see it, wonderful memories of fellow early live-streaming adopters come to mind. In those days, I rarely appeared on camera without my sidekick, Jedi Master Yoda. It’s a constant reminder of how fun live streaming can be.

My primary broadcast destination is Facebook LIVE (profile, pages, and groups). I’ve also streamed LIVE to YouTube, Twitter, and Amazon. My preference is to stream to these destinations through third-party applications, my favorite being StreamYard.

For private, fee-based, virtual, and hybrid events and special projects, I prefer to use StreamYard, Google Meet, Zoom, or Hopin.