Watching Balloon Fiesta LIVE from

This is a big morning in my life! As the person who hand-coded the HTML pages for the first web presence for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta back in 1994, nothing brings me greater joy than to be able to share this event with the world online and to be able to see it happening LIVE on the Internet is a dream come true! 



Unable to attend the event in person this year I was feeling pretty maudlin when I awoke this morning to phone notifications that today’s #BalloonFiesta activities had started. Because I had caught the first live stream from yesterday evening in time to watch the Balloon Glow, I decided to check right away today to see if they were able to get the live stream up. It was up and the announcers were already chatting away. I quickly snagged a screenshot and created an image to share with our Balloon Talk group members on Facebook

2015 Balloon Fiesta Theme

AIBF_2015_ThemeI’m so excited over the 2015 Balloon Fiesta theme! On Saturday, October 11 Balloon Fiesta tweeted out the winning theme entry “Where Dreams Take Flight” submitted by Beth Robinett, a counselor with Topeka Public Schools in Topeka Kansas.  The theme is perfect for what is evolving in my own life. I have been busy manifesting a whole new reality for myself and part of that new reality entails helping a member of my ballooning family expand her nonprofit foundation which will be represented at the 2015 Balloon Fiesta.

In the event you weren’t aware in June 2012 AIBF switched from assigning event officials the task of coming up with annual event themes to holding a contest from its Facebook page each year soliciting fans to come up with the theme. The winning theme for 2013 was “Sky’s The Limit” and for this year it was “Spirit of the Winds”.