Tutorial on Digital Watercolor Techniques Available in Corel Painter

Upon finishing my latest digital watercolor, I wondered if people would appreciate the amount of effort that went into its creation. Not having the time to create a video on the process right now, I decided to browse YouTube to see if another artist might have put something together already. Here is an exceptional tutorial by Artist Juan Solorzano. In this video he demonstrates the process of working with the digital watercolor brushes in Corel® Painter. While he concentrates on the brushes, it is his coverage of the artistic process that compelled me to share his video with you. The steps I follow are similar to Juan’s. I use a combination of Corel® and Adobe® software products in creating my work. From there, I may print the resulting digital image on archive-quality watercolor paper, adapt it for rendering on three-dimensional products, or convert it to a digital puzzle that can be assembled on a web page or downloaded and assembled on local computers.

Watch Directly from YouTube | Artist Juan Solorzano’s Web Site