Reflections ~ Music by Jim Jenkins ~ My Thoughts

While September is one of my favorite months of the year, September 11 has been a difficult day for me to get through since 2001. On that day, like so many of my colleagues who have made a career out of working in cyberspace, I lost personal friends and clients in the Twin Towers incident. Little did I know that it would mark the beginning of several other tragedies to follow in my life story. It took over six years for me to begin living in the “now” again. Guiding my mind to focus on positive thoughts has become a daily ritual now. On a late afternoon break on September 10 I discovered some shots I had taken of a walk with my precious corgi at Eagle Crest Resort in Central Oregon. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to mix some of those scenes with my friend Jim’s music. Oddly enough, he had composed a piece titled “Reflections” for his Music of Joy album and it fit my work perfectly. I hope this music video fills your heart with joy as well:

Watch the high-def version directly from YouTube.