Love Grows When You Apologize

This Brendon Burchard video resonated with me. I apologized to a loved one today even though I didn’t feel I was the one who needed to apologize for the wrath he levied upon me due to his misinterpretation of my actions and words. He carries so much anger within his health is declining. As Brendon suggests in the video, it felt good to forgive and let my own anger go. My partner was so surprised at my apology, he calmly opened up and showed me what he thought could have caused his misinterpretation. It was his way of saying he was sorry, and I accept that is as good as it gets with him. While I wish only happiness for others, I cannot be responsible for creating or sustaining their happiness. There are so many excellent take-away’s shared in this video. Thank you, Brendon Burchard! Your timing is impeccable!

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