Video Marketing Summer 2015

This summer has been one riddled by forest fires caused smoked-filled air for days at a time. Since I have diminished lung capacity I have had to stay inside and wear a breathing mask for days in a row. The upside has been that I’ve been furthering my education by participating in e-learning programs, reading books, and watching a lot of videos. This is the first summer I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to keep Facebook from being a time robber and turn my presence there into a worthwhile experience on the business front. I think Gary Vaynerchuk presents much of the solution in this slideshow. He didn’t mention Periscope but I do know he is trying that out, too, and given his love for Twitter, I have a hunch that it will prevail over at least one of the social media venues he mentions in his presentation. See if you don’t agree.

Crowdfunding Feasibility Studies

Like most entrepreneurs I have a dream to make a difference in this world before exiting in human form. Whenever I consider launching a new project, whether it be a service or product, I conduct a feasibility study. Depending on the subject matter, feasibility studies can take a while to produce. Depending on the amount of research required, studies can also get quite costly. This morning I woke up wondering if it were possible to successfully crowd fund a feasibility study. A quick search on Kickstarter revealed only one successfully crowdfunding project to date. Ironically, the search also revealed an unsuccessful campaign for a feasibility study  of particular interest to me. When I turned to Google to search the topic, the results led me to a successfully funded Indiegogo campaign for a feasibility study on cleaning up the ocean. When comparing the two successful campaigns, I could quickly see why the one for CAMP was unsuccessful – too long a video, with too much information shared up front. Clearly there is room for funding feasibility studies and other research via crowdfunding and the market has been addressed only minimally.