New Badges in Facebook Groups

On this Mother’s Day, I noticed some new badges in a few of my Facebook groups. In my buy/sell group, I got two new badges: Super Seller, Highly Rated, and Valued Responder. In my artists’ group, I got Valued Responder. In my Eagle Crest Resort Fans group, I got the Group Expert badge. In Balloon Talk, I got the Valued Responder badge.

Community Manager Certification Exam

Last Spring Facebook came up with a new educational and certification program for Facebook group leaders who thrive on building sustainable virtual communities. I was offered the opportunity to participate and signed on right away. However, I have yet to set for the certification exam due to health and family care conflicts. Currently, I’m set to take the exam on April 23, 2021, at 2:30 PM. I pray daily that I will be able to take the exam on that date. Once I do, and if I pass, the certification is only good for one year.  I’ve learned so much in preparing for the exam, I highly recommend anyone running a Facebook group to get certified or at least get the education provided to prepare for it. The very best study group for the exam is run by one of the people who helped formulate the exam. Her name is Linda Porter and her group is open to anyone striving for excellence in online community management. Search for Certified Community Manager Study Group on Facebook or try this link to see if it takes you there.