Corgi Groups on Facebook

#OTD November 5, 2019,  I added a FB Corgi Groups page within the Social Media section of this publication.  While I have yet to include the corgi groups I am currently a member of, I have spent over two hours researching the others mentioned.  I will have to come back later to edit as my business day officially starts in less than 20 minutes!

Have an awesome day, everyone!

Awakening to a New Twitter

Monday morning, August 13, 2019 ~ Shortly after sign on, I browsed Google News, found an Inc. article on Barnes and Noble, and shared it to Twitter. The share option invited me to look at my Twitter profile. Realizing I’d not visited Twitter directly in a while, I clicked on the link and was I ever surprised! Here’s what my profile page looks like now:

BarbTUSA – Twitter Profile – 081319

Wow! I do like the dark background. It makes reading so much easier. Sadly, I don’t have time to explore the new features at the moment, though. I’ve got to move on to Facebook, where I admin a slew of groups needing maintenance. I’ll be back to Twitter soon, though. This new “look and feel” definitely draws me in.

At this juncture, I just can’t afford to spend much energy on Twitter. If the site I visit provides an excellent “share to Twitter” option like Inc. Magazine does, then I’ll use it. I’ve pretty much got to rely on that for keeping my Twitter account active at this time. I will be back to Twitter regularly soon, though. I’m confident of that one.  Meanwhile, see you in one of my Facebook groups. 🙂