I Think I Love You

With David Cassidy’s passing on November 21st put me on high alert to work harder at making every day count for more. It was not until this day that I realized we were so close in age. He was born on April 12, 1950; approximately 20 months before I came into this world. In February of this year he revealed he had been diagnosed with dementia in 2014. When I saw his daughter’s Twitter post revealing his last words I cried. Ever since my battle with cancer I’ve tried to be more “present” with each passing day. I remember setting a five-year plan the afternoon my doctor told me the lab tests revealed all the cancer was gone. while I’ve been headed in the right direction in addressing the goals in that plan, I have yet to achieve the most important one. Praying everyday that I will live long enough to experience the fruits of that happening. Wasting time benefits no one.