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This summer I’ve been taking several courses on Udemy. When I enrolled in a course titled “Branding You – How to Build a Multimedia Internet Empire” I was given an exercise in discovering my niche.  As a 2014 graduate of Marie Forleo’s B-School, I had already been introduced to the formula the instructors of this course are using but because I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur I have had a challenging time determining my “niche” for this stage in my life. While watching the Lecture 10 course video, Choosing a Niche and Sub-Niches for Your Brand, Marie’s video on creating a brand resonated with me. I’ve shared it below. It’s worth watching more than once.

How to Create a Brand & Find Your Voice (5:07)
by Marie Forleo. Published on Jul 16, 2012, MarieTV

You can also watch this episode directly on the MarieTV YouTube Channel

In preparing to launch my teaching programs on Udemy, On August 13 I completed the Udemy Instructors Course, “How to Create Your Udemy Course”.  I was surprised to find that some of the instructors I had chosen to take courses from were featured in the course. I felt more comfortable about the decisions I had made in turning to Udemy for learning as well as teaching.

How To Create Udemy Course Certificate UC-2PYXJGHM