On The Go Bicycle Flat Tire Repair in 60 Seconds

Fixing a Bicycle Flat Tire in 60 Seconds? Really? I’m thinking I should order this product ASAP! While the suggested retail is going to be around $50, it is currently available for $25 plus $5 shipping on pre-order from the manufacturer, Patchnride. It comes with two patch pods and two leak detectors. There is more to this story, though. I’m thinking this pre-order method may represent a viable alternative, creative route to crowdfunding for one of my projects. The product isn’t expected to ship until sometime in the fall and no shipment date is currently specified. Back to research… Meanwhile, be sure to watch this video on Patchnride.

Facebook and Twitter Social Media Platforms Rule

Recently one of the premium private Facebook groups I belong to decided to open up a complementary forum on LinkedIn. To date, I have not been a big fan of LinkedIn. I am there primarily because clients and customers invited me to connect with them on that network. Close to 100 percent of those customers and clients are not active on LinkedIn, either. What does this have to do with how marketers use social media? Well you can see by this recent chart generated by Statista that the majority of us are hanging out on Facebook and Twitter.  Personally, I prefer to make my business connections via Twitter and move them to relationship-building groups on Facebook.

Infographic: How Marketers Use Social Media | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista