PGN Piano Lessons – Introduction to Piano

Today I enrolled in a free “Introduction to Piano” course by PGN Piano suggested to me by Udemy. Turns out that PGN Piano publishes one of the most popular piano training channels on YouTube. The keyboard I have only has 36 keys and a standard piano keyboard has 88. I learned that most popular music can be played within the 36 keys but classical music tends to use most of the 88 keys. I finished the course over my lunch hour and gave it a 5-star rating. Clearly the instructor’s mission was to introduce Udemy students to his teaching style while engaging them enough to check out his YouTube channel and website. Mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned. I particularly liked what he did in his outro video. He talked over a slide that included a coupon code to get his fee-based course on Udemy at a large discount. Ultimately the instructor’s goal is to get students to become a PCN Piano Fan Club member at the rate of $39.99 per year. Introduction to Piano - Udemy Course Certificate

Introduction to Piano – Udemy Course by PGN Piano

Udemy Instructor Newcomer Challenge

Saturday, August 15, 2015 ~ This morning I decided to accept the Udemy Instructor Newcomer Challenge. After enrolling in more than 60 courses on this online learning platform, the time has come for me to reciprocate. I love to share what I learn. Udemy makes the process so easy I can no longer resist the temptation to share my knowledge through the Udemy platform.

2015-08-15_Udemy Instructor Challenge-Day01

Before I signed up for the Challenge, I completed the course on “How to Create Your Udemy Course” as well as “How I make $1000 a Day from Udemy – No Advertising” by one of my favorite Udemy instructors, Alun Hill.