Happy Winter Holidays 2016!

It’s Saturday, December 10, 2016 and here I am facing WordPress “Vaughn” upgrades a multitude of sites! I am in no mood to be doing tech work but I find this particular WordPress upgrade inspiring so I know I will be able to find a way to “dig in” before this day comes to a close. Right now, in the early hours of morning, I am focused on my digital artwork. The Monday before Thanksgiving I discovered a couple art filter apps for Android and downloaded them to my phone. As an artist I was pleasantly surprised with the initial results but could also see the images needed more work before they would meet my expectations for an art piece. Depending on the initial filter processing outcomes, I chose one of my art rendering/photo editing programs to continue my art work. When I was ready to frame a piece, I turned to PicMonkey, an online photo editing tool for which I have a Premium account. Upon uploading my first image to that platform, I discovered there were more effects I could add to the art piece to make it magical. Six days later, I had created over 300 new works of of digital art and I haven’t stopped created new pieces daily since! It’s been four years since I’ve concentrated on creating new artwork and while logistically, this is not the optimum time to be “working” on art projects, I believe doing so will help me get my regular business efforts in alignment for the new year. I’m having an Art Attack and it makes me happy!  

Here’s one of the pieces I created today. Of course, it features my sweet Lady Layla Guinevere: