Podcasting Tutorial Series – Video 2

Pat Flynn’s Top 10 Podcasting Recording Tips ~ What to put in your podcasting episodes, how to get the best sound quality out of your recordings, etc. (16:11 min)

  1. Be consistent with mic placement, being sure to keep the same distance between your mouth and the mic for each recording.
  2. Monitor recording sound level to be sure it does not enter the red zone.
  3. Podcast length should be long enough to get your message across without boring the listener. Successful podcasts run from three minutes to one hour long. Content must be tailored to the target audience. Broadcast episode lengths should be consistent.
  4. Include an introduction at the beginning of your podcasts. An intro is a great branding opportunity.  After introducing yourself, begin by telling your listeners what the episode is about and what they can expect by listening. Provide an overview of the program, telling your audience what is going to be covered in the episode. Use royalty free music and audio clips or make sure you have the rights to broadcast the  music or other audio you use in your podcasts.
  5. Include a call-to-action at the end of your podcast. Your outro is as important as your podcast intro. Give the listener a reason to listen to your next episode. At a minimum, encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list, like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter. More importantly, have a product or service ready for them to buy and make it easy for them to take action in supporting your podcast production. For best results, change your call to action to a different offer each episode.
  6. Direct listeners of your podcast to your blog or website throughout each episode. The best way to do this is by making notes for each episode to share with your listeners. Send them to your website or blog to pick up those notes. Be sure to use a URL shortener so when your mention URLs, they will be easy to remember and follow.
  7. Break your show into multiple segments, especially if the show is longer than 45 minutes. Use music to break the episodes into segments.
  8. Minimize any fluff in your podcast episodes. Stay focused,  yet include a personal slant by including personal opinions and stories.
  9. Resist Over-Editing. It will be noticeable and it’s a waste of time.
  10. Have fun with your podcasting efforts. Listeners will notice your authenticity and appreciate your positive attitude.
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