GoPro – HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition Video Camera Review

I’ve been searching for a versatile video camera to shoot scenes while I’m riding my bike, flying in a hot air balloon, riding a horse, or walking in the woods. Today I was reminded of the GoPro line and discovered the GoPro – HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition. I found a YouTube user’s review of the product to be exceptionally thorough. I’ve been searching the Net for best pricing and think I will settle on purchasing mine from BestBuy because of the savings I will ultimately get through participating in their rewards program.

November 2015 Update:
I bought the GoPro HD HERO2 in 2012 at Best Buy. I have yet to use it enough to consider upgrading. However, I am considering adding a second GoPro to my inventory so I can run them simultaneously, getting different perspectives from the same activity. Best Buy now has a dedicated section on their website for GoPro cameras and accessories.