Digital Kaleidoscope Art Video Debut

I finally uploaded my first high-definition digital kaleidoscope screen art video to YouTube yesterday afternoon! I was in a real quandry over the music rights issue as I have created so many works based on the beat of popular songs from the 80s and knew they could not be used to accompany my video productions without going through hoops to get the appropriate rights. So, I loaded one without audio but mentioned the source of inspiration in the description text and YouTube’s AudioSwap feature led to me discovering a ton of new talent I had never heard before! Incredibly the first one I found turned out to be Simon Collins, the son of singer-songwriter Phil Collins. I was so impressed with his music that I immediately used my eMusic subscription to download some of his work. I decided to create a new kaleidoscope set to the beat of one of his songs instead.

This kaleidoscope music video took me around five hours to compile, render and upload. I rendered it in high-definition, of course. You can watch the result below or the high-def version directly from YouTube.


Note: I also learned that using the custom setting of 412×256 pixels for embedding widescreen video in my blogsite results in a better fit.