Corgi Camelot

On November 14, 2019, I took delivery of two sibling Pembroke Welsh Corgi pups born on September 5, 2019. After losing Lady Layla Guinevere to cancer in September, I simply could not go on without corgis in my family’s life. I purchased the domain to document our adventures with them.

On December 7, 2019, I decided to get the domain to complement the Corgi Camelot project I am aspiring to develop on a dedicated property in Central Oregon where corgi owners congregate to participate in special events focused on their corgis and ownership responsibilities. Why Corgi Camelot? Well, I named our corgi pups, King Arthur and Lady Guinevere and after sharing this Thanksgiving Day photo of them in corgi Facebook groups, I found there were several owners who had named their corgis after other characters from the Medieval “Arthurian Literature” period, also referred to the “Arthurian Literary Cycle” and “Matter of Britain”.