Here it is 2019 and while I’ve been involved with various projects using  YouTube from time, I have not given the platform much attention beyond those projects. Now that Hang Outs and Google+ are out of the picture for any community building efforts and Alphabet (Google) is focusing in on building community through YouTube.   As many of my livestreaming friends are active on YouTube, I will be hanging out there more often.  Here is where to find me on YouTube: At this juncture all my LIVE broadcasts on YouTube are facilitated through StreamYard, a browser-based live streaming studio application. Click on this link to get a closer look at StreamYard. If you do, you will get a $10 credit toward any paid plan purchase you should choose.  While StreamYard offers a lifetime free plan, if you stream regularly, you will at least want to opt for the first paid plan level due to all the extra features available.