FB Community

I am honored to have been added to the Facebook Powder Admin program for the USA. I am currently studying for the Facebook Certified Community Manager (FCCM) exam. When I pass the test, I will be invited to an exclusive Facebook community of FCCMs where we will be among the first alerted to new features and special programs to help us build even better communities using the company’s products.
Since I have been building and sustaining virtual communities since the 1980s, participating in this initiative is particularly important to me. Once I’ve earned the designation, I must renew the certification every two years. Following are links to Facebook community-related materials and affiliated groups:
600-101: Facebook Certified Community Manager Learning and Exam Information.

Exam Study Guides (Regular and ADA-Compliant)

For help in preparing for the exam, we were advised to join the Certified Community Manager Study Group created by FCCM Linda Porter. Participating in this particular study group has been a God Send for me. Linda was clearly “born to teach”.  If I had known the tips and tactics she shares in this group before I had gone to college, I would have saved myself hours of anxiety when it came to test-taking.

I joined Linda’s FB Admin Help and Education Group which is run by Certified Community Managers who have been trained by her.