Amazon Influencer – Barbi.LIVE

When Amazon introduced its Influencer program, I got approved right away and set up my storefront. However, I dropped the ball due to my cancer caregiver responsibilities. Now, here we are closing in on mid-2021 and I’m just getting time to spend on my Amazon.Live projects.

On May 11, 2021, Facebook suggested that I join the Amazon LIVE Creators group. Much to my surprise, I found that many of my friends were already members. Sadly, not one had mentioned the group to me. I figure that was because they knew I was an Android phone user and an iPhone was required to apply for Amazon LIVE.  I purchased an iPhone 12 and an iPad on April 27. The gear finally arrived last week, so I’m finally ready to focus on Amazon LIVE.

I am also on Twitch as Barbi.LIVE and just re-activated my channel there this evening, May 11, 2021. I’ve been told we cannot stream Second Life on Twitch but I am going to use Twitch to tell my Second Life story under Barbi.LIVE.