2021 – Top Udemy Instructors (Over 900K Students)

On January 1, 2021, I began following the stats of the top Udemy instructors on this list. I have taken courses by several of them and am currently assisting a couple of them in maintaining their Facebook groups.  The following instructors have over 900,000 students enrolled and three of them are rapidly closing in the One Million benchmark. The thing is I can’t be sure that these are the only ones who have enrolled over 900,000 students. If you are reading this and know of others who should be on this list, please reach out to me on Twitter ASAP. Thanks.

Last Stats Update – 2/18/21

  1. John Purcell
    Software Development Trainer
  1. Jose Portilla
    Head of Data Science, Pierian Data Inc.
  1. Phil Ebiner
    Top-Rated Instructor, 2 Million+ Students
  1. Rob Percival
    Web Developer And Teacher
  1. Kirill Eremenko
    Data Scientist
  1. Maximilian Schwarzmüller
    Professional Web Developer and Instructor
  1. Hadelin de Ponteves
    AI Entrepreneur
  1. Chris Haroun
    Award-Winning MBA Professor, Venture Capitalist, and Author.
  1. TJ Walker
    Best Selling Personal Development & Habits Expert
  1. Jonas Schmedtmann
    Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher
  1. Daragh Walsh
    Join 800,000+ Students In My Best Selling Courses!
  1. Colt Steele
    Developer and Bootcamp Instructor