Friday Night Movie Pic – Rio Lobo

Friday, March 12, 2021 – Today was a beautiful weather day in my little corner of the world. In spite of “Spring Fever” I did manage to get a lot done. I walked our precious Corgi Kids three times during the warm weather today. I managed to complete a couple more Udemy courses, run my maintenance routine on the majority of my active Facebook groups, work on two art pieces, put in a couple of hours of research work at the CIA FOIA Library, and chat with my favorite former employee for almost an hour.

Now, it’s Friday evening, and I’m in the mood for a classic western movie. This evening I’ve chosen Rio Lobo, starring John Wayne. My luck is running for I found it available for free on YouTube. Uploaded to YouTube on February 28, 2020, it already had chalked up over 3 million views. The account that uploaded it has been YouTube verified so just maybe the movie will stay up for years to come.

A 1970 film, the production of Rio Lobo has a bit of a colorful story behind it.  It turned out to be a box office bomb, grossing $2 million less than it cost to produce. John Wayne was 74 years old at that time. Rio Lobo turned out to be the last film directed and produced by Howard Hawks.