January 31, 2017 United States Supreme Court Justice Candidate Introduced

#OTD in 2017 I added the following copy to my Facebook newsfeed to introduce this historic video I shared. Today when Facebook reminded me through its Memories feature, I certainly wanted to share it again but due to the recent actions taken by more than one popular social media platform over anything to do with POTUS 45, I decided sharing might cause a negative reaction so I let it go and shared the post here instead. Justice Neil Gorsuch was confirmed (54–45 votes).

My Facebook post of January 31, 2017 – Like it or not, this LIVE feed is historical. I love my country. If you post any negative comments, I will delete them. Because you see, you will be pissing not just on me, but my family heritage and all those who served in our country’s honor. I’m honored to be an American and feel blessed to be able to watch this event LIVE from my desktop. If you are American, I don’t care how you voted, only that you did if you had the right to (something not all citizens have).