Halloween 2020

It’s been forever since I’ve taken time out to spend any time at barbt.com. I was finally moved to drop by here today, though, because I felt I need a comfortable place to vent publicly.  When my day started out, I was all revved up to create some Halloween graphics to share on Facebook, but when I caught the news that Sean Connery had passed in his sleep, I quickly became overwhelmed. He was born three years before my own father. Sadly, I lost my dad to cancer when he was only 43. While Connery’s health has been poor over the last few years, he did live to be 90. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would have been like to have Dad around and in a healthy state at 87.  Since my favorite Connery movie happened to be The Hunt For Red October, I signed up for Amazon’s seven-day trial of Showtime so I could watch the movie today while I took care of a multitude of WordPress updates on various sites.  The day got away from me quickly.