Wednesday, March 29, 2017 ~ I signed up as a student for courses offered through edX today, primarily because I wanted to audit the Cybersecurity Fundamentals course that started on March 21. If it turns out that I would find value in having a verified certificate of completion, the cost will be $150 and my deadline for making that upgrade decision is April 25. My primary mission this time around is get a feel for the layout of the platform and course delivery. I’m not all that confident that I will have the time to devote to completing the course by the deadline. the course runs for two months and on May 16, 2017 the content will be archived.

Last month a friend of mine shared a link to a “coloring book for adults” she had purchased on I learned her motivation behind the purchase was “stress relief” and a whole new world of artistic expression opened for me. I have always loved to draw and in the 70’s I produced two books of drawings for my art glass business as well as several design packages filled with themed pages of drawings my students could use for their glass pieces. Now, with “stress relief coloring” exercises turning into a movement I find I can re-purpose those old publications as well as create new ones from scratch. I’m inspired to create again!

Yesterday I finished coloring a paper print and took a snapshot of it with my smartphone. As you can see the lighting wasn’t all that great. I wasn’t too concerned because I knew that running the image through photo filters would produce different results. That to me is what adds the magic to digital art creations.  When I started manipulating the image I was in “beta testing” mode, not concerned as to whether the end result would be a piece worthy of framing and labeling “art”. I was into the experience for the adventure. After several hours and interruptions, I had produced some pieces worthy of attention. 

Here is one of the digital art pieces I generated to use for Instagram and Facebook posts: 
As you can see, the digital art rendition looks little like the original coloring. 


“Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It\'s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it\'s when you\'ve had everything to do, and you\'ve done it.”
by Margaret Thatcher

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