My friends Mitch Meyerson and Mari Smith introduced me to Facebook in 2007. Frankly, while I log in daily to participate in discussion groups for courses I’ve taken, I’ve not been that active in pursuing the use of Facebook for business reasons. My current friend count is comprised primarily of family members and friends I knew before signing on to Facebook for the first time. Being introduced to Facebook through business connections, my primary purpose for joining was to get business benefit from joining. However, shortly after I signed up my health began to deteriorate, compelling me to make some life changing decisions. I had to reduce my business activity to a minimum until I could get my health back in order. Fortunately, I won my battle with colon cancer and while it was a long, ugly war, I have risen from the abyss as a reconstructed woman, both physically and spiritually. I won’t digress to that story here but instead tell you why I’m finally paying and bringing attention to my presence on Facebook. My entire life, I’ve been all about people connections. Facebook has turned out to be the destination offering the best tools overall to work with in maintaining and building connections.

Following are links to Facebook Groups I have joined as well as some I established.

Facebook Pages
Facebook introduced pages for businesses to use in promoting their products and services. The pages are provided free; however, Facebook is aggressive in controlling traffic to them. If you want to see an uncontrolled feed from pages you follow, click here after logging in to Facebook. The best way to keep track of the pages you like is by creating Interest Lists by subjects of interest and bookmark the pages. Then, when you are logged into Facebook you can click on Interest Lists from your home page to get to your pages of interest by subject. Whenever friends suggest pages for you to like, you will find all the requests you have not responded to here.

Some of my favorite pages to visit on Facebook are:

Annual Events


“The wise man does at once what the fool does finally.”
by Baltasar Gracian

Fine Art America

Websites for Artists

I am pleased with print-on-demand services from Fine Art America. If you are a digital artist looking for a simple, effective way to get your art to market, I recommend checking out this option.