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As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I find it difficult to stay focused from time to time. This weekend is particularly challenging for me. As I opened the day, I was determined to finish constructing my first Udemy course. The first thing I did after grabbing my first cup of coffee for the day was to launch Google Chrome and visit Facebook. After reading a post left by Brendon Burchard in his private Facebook group I joined, I was reminded of his YouTube video, How to Stay Focused. After watching the video again, I felt charged in pursuing my Udemy course production project this weekend. Perhaps the message he shares in this video can benefit you, too.

11:55 min.
Click How To Stay Focused to watch directly on YouTube and pick up the notes Brendon included with it.

You can have more fun in your life simply by generating it. Brendon Burchard reminds us that it is so important to have fun and tremendous insight on how to generate it in this video. He also reminds us it is important to quit doing what is not fun in order to generate more fun in our lives.