Sunday, November 20, 2016 ~ Early this morning I was reminded of an introductory Piano course that I had completed on Udemy in August 2015. I found a related post with the completion certificate here on After reading my review of that one, I decided to verify whether the course was still offered on Udemy and whether the instructor offered additional courses there. I was in luck. Not only did I find Mark’s “Play Piano in 30 Days” course, I took advantage of the Udemy Black Friday sale and purchased it at a discount! I quickly set a goal to complete the course and play “Santa Baby” (one of my favorite songs) by Christmas!

Here’s Mark’s YouTube piano lesson on how to play “Santa Baby”. Turns out the song is rated as an easy one to learn. Color me happy!

As luck would have it, I also found a YouTube video of Eartha Kitt singing the song, along with the lyrics! Talk about momentum!

In preparing to launch my teaching programs on Udemy, On August 13 I completed the Udemy Instructors Course, “How to Create Your Udemy Course”.  I was surprised to find that some of the instructors I had chosen to take courses from were featured in the course. I felt more comfortable about the decisions I had made in turning to Udemy for learning as well as teaching.

How To Create Udemy Course Certificate UC-2PYXJGHM