How do you start your day? First thing I do beyond tending to prayer and physical necessities is to listen to or watch an inspirational message. Because I’m a raving YouTube fan, I turn to the Be Inspired Channel. Today’s Morning Inspiration was filled with particularly exceptional sound bites. Enjoy!

What a surprise to find on this first Friday of January (Day 5) that I had not posted to my personal blog since November! Wow! I have been so busy with management of Facebook groups and pages I totally spaced out taking care of adding content to my own domain.  There were so many WordPress updates in fourth quarter 2017 that I spent all my domain attention on getting those done. 


“Beware of geeks bearing formulas.”
by Warren Buffett

Fine Art America

Websites for Artists

I am pleased with print-on-demand services from Fine Art America. If you are a digital artist looking for a simple, effective way to get your art to market, I recommend checking out this option.