Making Memorable Mugs

I’m getting ready to produce some memorable mugs using the dye-sublimation technique to apply my designs. This morning I was going through some of the digital art images I had created back in 2017 and came across a beautiful image of Lady Layla Guinevere, my precious Pembroke Welsh Corgi that passed away in September 2019. I decided to run the image through my mug mock-up generator and here is what I came up with:

Posting to Instagram

Today was the first time I posted to Instagram in quite a while, maybe even months; I’m too tired to verify. I know now that like so many who are dear to me that I have been fighting depression for months. Given the weather for this day was absolutely beautiful, I chose to spend much of it outside with our corgi kids. When I settled back down inside at the computer, I caught an alert to Hootsuite’s article on posting to Instagram from the desktop. Curious, I tried out the posting from the Google Chrome option and it worked! Of course, it took me over 30 minutes to put together one post. I will revisit Hootsuite again as I do have an account with that service and am supposed to be able to schedule Instagram posts from it. This is the graphic I shared in the Instagram post today: