Among the most popular Kickstarter technology crowdfunding projects to date, The HEXO+ Intelligent Drone was successfully funded on Tuesday, July 15, 2014. I discovered the project shortly after it launched back in May, before I realized I could tag Kickstarter projects to remember to support. Thinking I would like to have an HEXO+ for filming with my GoPro, I pinned the project to my video production accessories board on Pinterest right away. The HEXO+ is an intelligent drone design to follow and film autonomously, making aerial filming as easy for the amateur photographer as the professional videographer.

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Project Performance:
Backers ~ 2,336
Pledged ~ $1,306,920
Goal ~ $50,000
Creator ~ Squadrone System

Product Links:
Intelligent Drone Crowdfunding Project on Kickstarter

Fixing a Bicycle Flat Tire in 60 Seconds? Really? I’m thinking I should order this product ASAP! While the suggested retail is going to be around $50, it is currently available for $25 plus $5 shipping on pre-order from the manufacturer, Patchnride. It comes with two patch pods and two leak detectors. There is more to this story, though. I’m thinking this pre-order method may represent a viable alternative, creative route to crowdfunding for one of my projects. The product isn’t expected to ship until sometime in the fall and no shipment date is currently specified. Back to research… Meanwhile, be sure to watch this video on Patchnride.


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